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Prime Property Protection supply & install, maintain & monitor, only the highest quality systems that offer reliable performance and ease of use.



Your first line of defence. It’s important to know who is calling before giving access, as well as who has called while you were out.



When protecting your home and family, High-definition security cameras mean there’s no place for intruders to hide.



Electric gates are a great security option for many homes & businesses. Every site has different security, operational & safety requirements


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Meet Prime Property Protection

Prime property protection Ltd is a local, family run company based in Meopham/Gravesend & have installations all over Kent & South-East England. With over 30 years’ experience in the electronic security industry, we specialise in Commercial & Domestic Security Systems. 

We understand each property is different, so offer an end-to-end service, providing you with a tailor-made security package, guiding you to the right level of protection for your home or business.

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Home Security in Addington Home Security in Allington Home Security in Aylesford Home Security in Basted Home Security in Bean Home Security in Betsham Home Security in Biggin Home Security in Birling Home Security in Blue Bell Hill Home Security in Borough Green Home Security in Borstal Home Security in Brompton Home Security in Burham Home Security in Chalk Home Security in Chatham Home Security in Chattenden Home Security in Claygate Cross Home Security in Clement Street Home Security in Cliffe Woods Home Security in Cobham Home Security in Crouch Home Security in Culverstone Green Home Security in Cuxton Home Security in Darenth Home Security in Ditton Home Security in East Hill Home Security in East Malling Home Security in East Tilbury Home Security in Ebbsfleet Valley Home Security in Eccles Home Security in Eynsford Home Security in Fairseat Home Security in Farningham Home Security in Fawkham Green Home Security in Foley Park Home Security in Forstal Home Security in Foxendown Home Security in Frindsbury Home Security in Gadshill Home Security in Gold Street Home Security in Gravesend Home Security in Grays Home Security in Green Street Green Home Security in Greenhithe Home Security in Grubb Street Home Security in Halling Home Security in Hartley Home Security in Harvel Home Security in Hawley Home Security in Heaverham Home Security in Henhurst Home Security in Henley Street Home Security in Herne Pound Home Security in Higham Home Security in Hodsoll Street Home Security in Horton Kirby Home Security in Hulberry Home Security in Ightham Home Security in Istead Rise Home Security in Ivy Hatch Home Security in Kemsing Home Security in Kent Street Home Security in King’s Hill Home Security in Kings Hill Home Security in Kit’s Coty Home Security in Labour-in-vain Home Security in Larkfield Home Security in Leybourne Home Security in Livesey Street Home Security in Longfield Home Security in Longfield Hill Home Security in Low Street Home Security in Lower Higham Home Security in Lower Luddesdown Home Security in Lower Upnor Home Security in Luddesdown Home Security in Lullingstone Home Security in Lunsford Home Security in Maplescombe Home Security in Meopham Home Security in Meopham Green Home Security in Mereworth Home Security in Mockbeggar Home Security in Nash Street Home Security in New Ash Green Home Security in New Barn Home Security in New Hythe Home Security in New Pound Home Security in New Street Home Security in North Halling Home Security in Northfleet Home Security in Northfleet Green Home Security in Offham Home Security in Peters Village Home Security in Pizien Well Home Security in Platt Home Security in Plaxtol Home Security in Pratling Street Home Security in Priestwood Home Security in Priestwood Green Home Security in Ridley Home Security in Rochester Home Security in Romney Street Home Security in Round Street Home Security in Ryarsh Home Security in Seal Home Security in Shorne Home Security in Shorne Ridgeway Home Security in Singlewell Home Security in Snodland Home Security in Sole Street Home Security in South Darenth Home Security in South Street Home Security in Southfleet Home Security in Speed Gate Home Security in St Margarets Home Security in Stansted Home Security in Stone Home Security in Strood Home Security in Styants Bottom Home Security in Sutton at Hone Home Security in Swanley Village Home Security in Swanscombe Home Security in Swanton Home Security in Thong Home Security in Tilbury Home Security in Trottiscliffe Home Security in Upper Halling Home Security in Upper Ifield Home Security in Upper Upnor Home Security in Vigo Village Home Security in Wainscott Home Security in Walderslade Home Security in Wateringbury Home Security in Well Street Home Security in West Kingsdown Home Security in West Malling Home Security in West Peckham Home Security in West Yoke Home Security in Westwood Home Security in Windmill Hill Home Security in Wouldham Home Security in Wrotham Home Security in Wrotham Heath Home Security in Yopps Green

House Alarms in Addington House Alarms in Allington House Alarms in Aylesford House Alarms in Basted House Alarms in Bean House Alarms in Betsham House Alarms in Biggin House Alarms in Birling House Alarms in Blue Bell Hill House Alarms in Borough Green House Alarms in Borstal House Alarms in Brompton House Alarms in Burham House Alarms in Chalk House Alarms in Chatham House Alarms in Chattenden House Alarms in Claygate Cross House Alarms in Clement Street House Alarms in Cliffe Woods House Alarms in Cobham House Alarms in Crouch House Alarms in Culverstone Green House Alarms in Cuxton House Alarms in Darenth House Alarms in Ditton House Alarms in East Hill House Alarms in East Malling House Alarms in East Tilbury House Alarms in Ebbsfleet Valley House Alarms in Eccles House Alarms in Eynsford House Alarms in Fairseat House Alarms in Farningham House Alarms in Fawkham Green House Alarms in Foley Park House Alarms in Forstal House Alarms in Foxendown House Alarms in Frindsbury House Alarms in Gadshill House Alarms in Gold Street House Alarms in Gravesend House Alarms in Grays House Alarms in Green Street Green House Alarms in Greenhithe House Alarms in Grubb Street House Alarms in Halling House Alarms in Hartley House Alarms in Harvel House Alarms in Hawley House Alarms in Heaverham House Alarms in Henhurst House Alarms in Henley Street House Alarms in Herne Pound House Alarms in Higham House Alarms in Hodsoll Street House Alarms in Horton Kirby House Alarms in Hulberry House Alarms in Ightham House Alarms in Istead Rise House Alarms in Ivy Hatch House Alarms in Kemsing House Alarms in Kent Street House Alarms in King’s Hill House Alarms in Kings Hill House Alarms in Kit’s Coty House Alarms in Labour-in-vain House Alarms in Larkfield House Alarms in Leybourne House Alarms in Livesey Street House Alarms in Longfield House Alarms in Longfield Hill House Alarms in Low Street House Alarms in Lower Higham House Alarms in Lower Luddesdown House Alarms in Lower Upnor House Alarms in Luddesdown House Alarms in Lullingstone House Alarms in Lunsford House Alarms in Maplescombe House Alarms in Meopham House Alarms in Meopham Green House Alarms in Mereworth House Alarms in Mockbeggar House Alarms in Nash Street House Alarms in New Ash Green House Alarms in New Barn House Alarms in New Hythe House Alarms in New Pound House Alarms in New Street House Alarms in North Halling House Alarms in Northfleet House Alarms in Northfleet Green House Alarms in Offham House Alarms in Peters Village House Alarms in Pizien Well House Alarms in Platt House Alarms in Plaxtol House Alarms in Pratling Street House Alarms in Priestwood House Alarms in Priestwood Green House Alarms in Ridley House Alarms in Rochester House Alarms in Romney Street House Alarms in Round Street House Alarms in Ryarsh House Alarms in Seal House Alarms in Shorne House Alarms in Shorne Ridgeway House Alarms in Singlewell House Alarms in Snodland House Alarms in Sole Street House Alarms in South Darenth House Alarms in South Street House Alarms in Southfleet House Alarms in Speed Gate House Alarms in St Margarets House Alarms in Stansted House Alarms in Stone House Alarms in Strood House Alarms in Styants Bottom House Alarms in Sutton at Hone House Alarms in Swanley Village House Alarms in Swanscombe House Alarms in Swanton House Alarms in Thong House Alarms in Tilbury House Alarms in Trottiscliffe House Alarms in Upper Halling House Alarms in Upper Ifield House Alarms in Upper Upnor House Alarms in Vigo Village House Alarms in Wainscott House Alarms in Walderslade House Alarms in Wateringbury House Alarms in Well Street House Alarms in West Kingsdown House Alarms in West Malling House Alarms in West Peckham House Alarms in West Yoke House Alarms in Westwood House Alarms in Windmill Hill House Alarms in Wouldham House Alarms in Wrotham House Alarms in Wrotham Heath House Alarms in Yopps Green

Intruder Alarms in Addington Intruder Alarms in Allington Intruder Alarms in Aylesford Intruder Alarms in Basted Intruder Alarms in Bean Intruder Alarms in Betsham Intruder Alarms in Biggin Intruder Alarms in Birling Intruder Alarms in Blue Bell Hill Intruder Alarms in Borough Green Intruder Alarms in Borstal Intruder Alarms in Brompton Intruder Alarms in Burham Intruder Alarms in Chalk Intruder Alarms in Chatham Intruder Alarms in Chattenden Intruder Alarms in Claygate Cross Intruder Alarms in Clement Street Intruder Alarms in Cliffe Woods Intruder Alarms in Cobham Intruder Alarms in Crouch Intruder Alarms in Culverstone Green Intruder Alarms in Cuxton Intruder Alarms in Darenth Intruder Alarms in Ditton Intruder Alarms in East Hill Intruder Alarms in East Malling Intruder Alarms in East Tilbury Intruder Alarms in Ebbsfleet Valley Intruder Alarms in Eccles Intruder Alarms in Eynsford Intruder Alarms in Fairseat Intruder Alarms in Farningham Intruder Alarms in Fawkham Green Intruder Alarms in Foley Park Intruder Alarms in Forstal Intruder Alarms in Foxendown Intruder Alarms in Frindsbury Intruder Alarms in Gadshill Intruder Alarms in Gold Street Intruder Alarms in Gravesend Intruder Alarms in Grays Intruder Alarms in Green Street Green Intruder Alarms in Greenhithe Intruder Alarms in Grubb Street Intruder Alarms in Halling Intruder Alarms in Hartley Intruder Alarms in Harvel Intruder Alarms in Hawley Intruder Alarms in Heaverham Intruder Alarms in Henhurst Intruder Alarms in Henley Street Intruder Alarms in Herne Pound Intruder Alarms in Higham Intruder Alarms in Hodsoll Street Intruder Alarms in Horton Kirby Intruder Alarms in Hulberry Intruder Alarms in Ightham Intruder Alarms in Istead Rise Intruder Alarms in Ivy Hatch Intruder Alarms in Kemsing Intruder Alarms in Kent Street Intruder Alarms in King’s Hill Intruder Alarms in Kings Hill Intruder Alarms in Kit’s Coty Intruder Alarms in Labour-in-vain Intruder Alarms in Larkfield Intruder Alarms in Leybourne Intruder Alarms in Livesey Street Intruder Alarms in Longfield Intruder Alarms in Longfield Hill Intruder Alarms in Low Street Intruder Alarms in Lower Higham Intruder Alarms in Lower Luddesdown Intruder Alarms in Lower Upnor Intruder Alarms in Luddesdown Intruder Alarms in Lullingstone Intruder Alarms in Lunsford Intruder Alarms in Maplescombe Intruder Alarms in Meopham Intruder Alarms in Meopham Green Intruder Alarms in Mereworth Intruder Alarms in Mockbeggar Intruder Alarms in Nash Street Intruder Alarms in New Ash Green Intruder Alarms in New Barn Intruder Alarms in New Hythe Intruder Alarms in New Pound Intruder Alarms in New Street Intruder Alarms in North Halling Intruder Alarms in Northfleet Intruder Alarms in Northfleet Green Intruder Alarms in Offham Intruder Alarms in Peters Village Intruder Alarms in Pizien Well Intruder Alarms in Platt Intruder Alarms in Plaxtol Intruder Alarms in Pratling Street Intruder Alarms in Priestwood Intruder Alarms in Priestwood Green Intruder Alarms in Ridley Intruder Alarms in Rochester Intruder Alarms in Romney Street Intruder Alarms in Round Street Intruder Alarms in Ryarsh Intruder Alarms in Seal Intruder Alarms in Shorne Intruder Alarms in Shorne Ridgeway Intruder Alarms in Singlewell Intruder Alarms in Snodland Intruder Alarms in Sole Street Intruder Alarms in South Darenth Intruder Alarms in South Street Intruder Alarms in Southfleet Intruder Alarms in Speed Gate Intruder Alarms in St Margarets Intruder Alarms in Stansted Intruder Alarms in Stone Intruder Alarms in Strood Intruder Alarms in Styants Bottom Intruder Alarms in Sutton at Hone Intruder Alarms in Swanley Village Intruder Alarms in Swanscombe Intruder Alarms in Swanton Intruder Alarms in Thong Intruder Alarms in Tilbury Intruder Alarms in Trottiscliffe Intruder Alarms in Upper Halling Intruder Alarms in Upper Ifield Intruder Alarms in Upper Upnor Intruder Alarms in Vigo Village Intruder Alarms in Wainscott Intruder Alarms in Walderslade Intruder Alarms in Wateringbury Intruder Alarms in Well Street Intruder Alarms in West Kingsdown Intruder Alarms in West Malling Intruder Alarms in West Peckham Intruder Alarms in West Yoke Intruder Alarms in Westwood Intruder Alarms in Windmill Hill Intruder Alarms in Wouldham Intruder Alarms in Wrotham Intruder Alarms in Wrotham Heath Intruder Alarms in Yopps Green